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What's that smell? 🤔

Updated: Feb 26

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Assuming this journey is simple and a breeze is not only incorrect but the one thing that is often left unsaid is the different ways you'll stink... The stench of #detox is unbelievable.

During my journey to stopping use of antiperspirants, I learned I indeed DO NOT smell like roses lol. I #smelled more like onions, radish, 5 day old basketball socks and acid or sulfur. It was not glamorous in the least.

My initial reason for stopping were medical reasons. I developed 2 lumps under my arms out of nowhere and it made me panic. Nervously I called my doctor assuming it was cancer or something serious.

I was sent for a mammogram and ultrasound only to discover that it was none of the above but was in fact subcutaneous fat. (Sigh)

Relieved it was nothing serious, I then continued my journey and made a full stop of all antiperspirants. Nervousness would be an understatement.

I suffer from hyperhidrosis (constant sweating) and that sweat did not smell like the lovely lady I am. (Insert fluttering lashes)

I tried every antiperspirant on the market from age 12 until 33. Nothing ever worked fully. Medicated, mens, sprays, roll-ons and solids. Nothing!

I then discovered a professional line I use in my business for waxing had a deodorant and decided to give it a try. To my surprise, there was a whole protocol to follow. I followed it for the first 21 days and let me tell you... I wish I had started it in the winter and not in the summer.

Along the 21 day journey to detoxification, I learned a few things of my own...

Tip #1 - Prepare your surrounding of your journey!

This is essential 👌 The people around you will smell your interesting scent. And no it's not roses...

Your body is letting go of years of blocked sweat ducts.

Antiperspirants are made to "plug" the follicles so that you do not sweat and "fill" it with the lovely new scent you chose from the shelves.. lavender, spring mist, or island breeze.

Your natural pheromones will release after #detoxing. But definitely not before the detox is over! So beware...

Tip #2 - Don't stick to just one deodorant

There are so many natural deodorants on the market and 1 will not suit your needs for this journey.

On my journey, I realized I will needed a home deodorant, work deodorant, vacation deodorant, additional deodorant and backup deodorant. It seemed like I was just never prepared.

What worked for me was using 2 different deodorants. I use a crystal deodorant that is used with only water and then applied to the skin and a scented deodorant. I also used a baking soda based deodorant. For that additional wetness #protection. (Don’t use it days before or after hair removal. You will have the worst reaction)

"Love the skin you're in as long as you use enough deodorant." – Desiree

Tip #3 - #Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate

During the detox phase, as the body is expelling

years of using antiperspirants, the skin also needs to be treated. It's been enduring that constant film over and over. It needs to be removed. Washing with your normal soap/cleanser won't cut it. You need to remove the dead skin all well.

Some professionals say to change your soap/cleanser, but I say ADD in an exfoliating cleanser is the key. Keeping the skin fresh and clean as well as removing dead skin cells is most important step.

Tip #4 - Have #patience and don't give up

Many times during the detox I wanted to just go to the store and grab the first antiperspirant I saw and bathe in it. But I knew that removing this toxin from my body was going to worth it.

My doctor agreed that taking this out of my regimen was worth it.

Tip #5 - Finish #strong

Within 3 months time, I saw my hard work pay off no more stinky onion smells and even though I still don't smell like roses, I smell like me. I definitely do not regret my decision.

Deodorant is better than a #toxic antiperspirant ANY DAY!

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