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Love & Hate relationship with the sun..

Common misconceptions about sun exposure...

Oh, Sun how I adore you...when its the right time!

I love summertime and all the summer fun in the sun, however I do not engage during the crucial times between 10:00am and 2:00pm. The sun is the highest in the sky with the most amount of damaging rays as well. My family wishes I would let go of my Esthetician side during family time, but I cannot allow for melanoma to creep into my plans. Aside from slathering myself and them with my thick SPF, ensuring there is a hat or some sort of cover within feet of our location.

Despite having an abundant amount of melanin, it is possible for African Americans to get skin cancer. It is harder to detect it currently in the medical industry, but it is not still a threat. Bob Marley passed away from skin cancer. I encourage all people around the world to remember to apply your SPF daily.

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