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Breaking Skin Care Myths

Old wives tales and what we heard throughthe grapevine... isn't always what it appears to be.

How many times have we heard of a concoction, seen an Instagram influencer or asked your favorite person about a remedy for a skin issue and they riddle of a slew of baking soda+lemon mixes or some crazy routine that forcing to purchase food items to leave on your face for days? Too many I say lol!

Sticking to the basics, seeing a licensed skincare professional, and keeping up with a daily routine will yield more benefits than switching brands, trying new "at home concoctions.

Myths we know:

Baking soda and lemon:

These are usually suggested to clear up acne, acne scars and blemishes.

They are both acidic and design to "strip away" whatever they are applied to.

What most do not know is that the ph percentage of those two ingredients together is way too low to be applied to the skin. Thus resulting in raw, sensitve and reactive skin. Which will most likely lead to peeling/dry skin and a prolonged downtime that will need to heal.

What to do instead:

For sudden pop up (no pun intended) of a blemish, use a benzoyl peroxide for a maximum of 2-4 days; applied directly to the blemish.

Benzoyl Peroxide is meant for "drying out" the contents of the blemish to reduce inflammation and redness.

DIY Masks:

We all love a great mask! They're hydrating, clearing, firming or soothing.

However at home remedies can do more harm than good. Ingredients is super important. Knowing how they interact together (sounds like they're about to have a party lol) will let you know how they will work or not. For example, putting pumpkin and turmeric together would not be the best idea because they are both meant for lightening and exfoliation. Furthermore, if you apply that to dry or reactive will dry the skin and cause breakout. Why? Because the ingredients were too active for that skin condition.

What to do instead:

Purchase a retail mask from a licensed professional that has done an analysis of your skin to figure out which will be best for your skins condition.

If you're doing an at home spa day, stick to calming ingredients such as; milk(meant for hydration and calming), avocado (meant for hydration and soothing), Jojoba oil (closest topical oil to the skins natural oil).

Facials are luxury and not a necessity:

How many times have you thought to yourself, "I'll wait for a special time/day/occasion to pamper myself?" I'm sure a few.

Yes, Facials are a "treat myself" type of treatment but you're also keeping up with maintenance, treating a specific issue or just needing a pick me up.

Not to mention knowing your skin condition can help you keep your skin healthy.

What to do instead:

Book a treatment usually once a month to treat a specific concern, every 3 months to keep up with routine maintenance and for teens book a series of treatments twice a year usually before school and before summer.

Men don't need facials:

Men can benefit from a treatment just as much if not more than women. Due to the fact that they are constantly exfoliating their skin from shaving, they need a treatment to bring the balance back.

Their beards and the skin beneath needs love too. Why? Healthy growth of their beard and minimizing ingrowns and "hair bumps".

Plus a little pampering never hurt!

What to do instead:

Book your treatment and enjoy the many benefits.

Myths are great tools to learn from. They teach us what has worked and what is snake oil in a shiny bottle.

Signing off....Desiree

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