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Polished Peach

Milk and Flower Bath

Offering many natural options for your hair removal. 

Moonston Vegan soft strip wax and Spellbound hard wax. 

Cold sugaring hand method. 

Each option is best on all skin types. Low/no heat. Minimal discomfort. 

Removal Options


Maintenance                              $25

Design                                        $45

(wax & tint)       

Tint only                                      $30

La Peach

Brazilian                                      $89

(1st appt)

Maintenance                              $69

Maintain +Treat                         $84

Strip Brazilian                           $62+

Bikini                                           $45

Backside/Extra                         $15+


Chest                                       $75+ 

Back                                         $99+

Chest + Back                         $165+



Lip                                               $10

Chin                                            $17

Sideburns                                   $20

Full Face                                     $85


Underarms                                  $25

Half Leg                                      $80

Full Leg                                     $110

Toes                                            10+

Post wax treatments  

Polished Peach                          $75

Post Wax treatment is an ingrown prevention treatment. Included is and an exfoliating mask, extractions and ingrown removal. Recommended series is 4 treatments. can be done after wax or stand alone.   

price may change upon consult

Beauty is pain...there's no doubt about it! But I ALWAYS feel amazing when I leave this woman. She knows her stuff and does a wonderful job. But my absolute favorite is that she makes you feel completely comfortable.

08.08.2021 · 


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