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Eyelash Extensions
Get long, full, beautiful lashes without mascara!

What can I expect before my appointment?

For your appointment you will be relaxing for approximately 2-3 hours for the initial full set. Your eyes will be closed the entire time,  no contacts please. 

Bi-weekly maintenance is typically 1.5- 2 hours. 

You should arrive with clean eyelashes, free of makeup fresh faced. Discontinue use of any waterproof makeup 1 week prior to appointment to ensure all residue is removed. 


What can I expect after?

Natural lashes grow and shed in a cycle and shed daily, so expect to see your extensions fall with them.  When that happens...DO NOT FREAK OUT.. it is normal. On average in the 2 week time frame between fills you will probably lose lashes between both eyes. Bi-weekly appointments are necessary to ensure fullness and length to the lash line. 

Proper home care and cleansing also prolong your lashes.


My little tips:

Most clients fall asleep or become very relaxed.

*Avoid coffee before your appointment.

*No chewing gum, mints or candy it moves the jaw. 

*Limit the amount of water  before your appointment.

*Dress comfortably. 


Classic Individual Lashes

Au Natural full set $155+

Refill $100+

Hybrid Lashes

(Classic and volume fans combined) 

A little Extra $185+

Refill $125+

Volume Sets

All fans are hand made

Light volume $200+

Colored  $225+

Refill $150+

American Volume $250+

Fill in $175+

Mega volume (coming soon)