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Lash Love

Fake Eyelashes
Golden Girl

Enhanced naturally.  

Fabulous sets

Timeless twist    $165

Individual lash extensions applied to one natural lash to achieve a curlier or longer look. 

High Standards   $200

Volume full set of handmade lashes. Fluffier, fuller more dramatic lashes. Ranges from 3-5 lashes per natural lash.

Colored sets available

Alter Ego   $325

Using the most lightweight lashes to create a full but natural look. Super fluffy and full of drama. Multiple lashes attached to a single lash. 9+ lashes to give a very full and fluffy look to the lash line. 

Full infill   $150+

This 3/4 week fill is great for maintenance. Refilling the new cycle of lashes and removing the outgrown lashes. Proper cleansing and/or lash bath if needed. 

50% lash volume to be considered a refill. 

 Best for high/higher maintenance and Alter Ego

105-120 mins 

Above Average   $185

A hybrid of classic and volume lashes . A slightly fuller look.

Higher Standards  $250

Hand made volume fans created during appointment. Resulting in a more fluffy/customized set of lashes. 6-9 lashes per lash.

Fit me infill  $99

This partial fill in is just enough time to cleanse the lashes and add as many lashes you need in a short amount of time. May be booked when needed. Perfected for a quick touch up before a fun-filled weekend or special occasion.

Best for Classic and Hybrid

90 mins

(2 weeks)

Lash removal   $55

Lash removal and lash bath. 

Lash Lifts

Ultra Package


At home kit, Lift + Tint


Without tint:


Deluxe  package


Mini Kit, Lash lift +tint


Without tint:


Premium Package


Lash lift + tint


Without tint:


Very professional! She does a phenomenal job! Definitely recommend!

01.08.2022 · 


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