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Lash Love

Natural Beauty

Enhanced naturally.  

Have you ever wondered what you looked like with a fuller lash line or thought of how much easier your morning routine could be without the " putting on your face" step? Lash extensions or a lash lift could help skip that step. Lash extensions are an easy addition to your morning routine by adding that extra detail on your look.  My "woke up like this" method of application allows you to look like yourself without the added weight on your lashes. Putting lash health in the forefront of my services, every client will get the best set applied for their lashes. Many clients compliment the fact that they don't feel like they are wearing strip lashes or that the lashes take over their face. Lash extensions should complement the eye and face shape. A lash consultation is the best step in your journey to adding this service to your daily routine. 

Fabulous sets

Timeless twist    $165

Individual lash extensions applied to one natural lash to achieve a curlier or longer look. 

High Standards   $200

Volume full set of handmade lashes. Fluffier, fuller more dramatic lashes. Ranges from 3-5 lashes per natural lash.

Colored sets available

Alter Ego   $325

Using the most lightweight lashes to create a full but natural look. Super fluffy and full of drama. Multiple lashes attached to a single lash. 9+ lashes to give a very full and fluffy look to the lash line. 

Full infill   $150+

This 3/4 week fill is great for maintenance. Refilling the new cycle of lashes and removing the outgrown lashes. Proper cleansing and/or lash bath if needed. 

50% lash volume to be considered a refill. 

 Best for high/higher maintenance and Alter Ego

105-120 mins 

Above Average   $185

A hybrid of classic and volume lashes . A slightly fuller look.

Higher Standards  $250

Hand made volume fans created during appointment. Resulting in a more fluffy/customized set of lashes. 6-9 lashes per lash.

Fit me infill  $99

This partial fill in is just enough time to cleanse the lashes and add as many lashes you need in a short amount of time. May be booked when needed. Perfected for a quick touch up before a fun-filled weekend or special occasion.

Best for Classic and Hybrid

90 mins

(2 weeks)

Lash removal   $55

Lash removal and lash bath. 

Lash Lifts

Ultra Package


At home kit, Lift + Tint


Without tint:


Deluxe  package


Mini Kit, Lash lift +tint


Without tint:


Premium Package


Lash lift + tint


Without tint:


Very professional! She does a phenomenal job! Definitely recommend!

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