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Collagen Induction Therapy

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What is it? 

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Collagen Induction Therapy, or CIT, utilizes micro surgical titanium steel needles to penetrate the skin creating micro openings in the top layer of the skin, thus stimulating the lower layers to produce more collagen and elastin without major damage or pain. Just as you have to stress muscle fibers to build more muscle, this stress on the lower layers of skin will stimulate the body to self-repair with more structural support.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Collagen Induction Therapy are best when compiled within a series of treatments for maximum benefits.

* This treatment can be used on all skin types and conditions.

* Restructures old collagen bundles

* It can be performed on all the face, neck, decollotage and body. 

* Extremely high absorption rate of any active products/ingredients.

* Diminish the look of fine lines + wrinkles; phenomenal anti-aging/firming results after the first treatment.

* Superficial scarring and stretch mark appearance reduction (6+ months healed)

* Cellulite reduction 

* Effective on peri + post-menopausal women

* Diminishes the appearance of acne scarring (not during active acne) 

* Hyperpigmentation stabilization (PIH, Melasma, Sun Damage)

* Little to no downtime (depending on the type of treatment)

* Hair regrowth (results may vary and are determined by active follicles)

What can I expect?

* Microneedling involves a cartridge that has 12 micro titanium steel needles that enters the skin layers just above the epidermis. This process stimulates the lower layers boosting collagen, encourages the cells to rejuvenate itself with a more structural support.

* Your skin will be assessed to ensure the appropriate cleanser to be used for your skin condition.   Followed by a topical numbing creme applied to minimize any discomfort, and then the most wonderful magic commences. 

For added benefits, a bone marrow stem cell growth factor solution can be applied to add further rejuvenation for your specific concern. The growth factors are from a highly reputable company; anteAge. Their science backed approach to skin care is unmatched. The growth factors are harvested from human bone marrow, that is scientifically proven to match the body's ability to heal itself naturally. 

* Nanoneedling/channeling involves a stainless steel and/or silicone cartridge that does not enter the skin, however, it still aids in increasing product penetration. Nanoneedling/channeling can be performed on face, lips, eyes, neck, decollatage, and hands. This is a perfect alternative treatment for those that do not tolerate needles/discomfort but are still going to receive amazing results. 

Bone marrow growth factors can be added to nanoneedling/channeling to increase result for product penetration. 

* Your healing process is minimal and rewarding. During the first few days, you will notice your first results while treating your specific concerns. "Baby your skin" is the way you should approach your skin for the first week. Follow only the prescribed routine from your "at home post care kit". During your healing time, this is the most crucial point in assisting your skin to be at its healthiest, as your skin is in Collagenisis (process in which your skin is rebuilding and reducing inflammation).

How often can I receive it?

The frequency in which a microneedling service can be received is best when treatments are parallel to each other. Your best results are achieved when a minimum of 3 treatments are scheduled. 

Each microneedling treatment should be scheduled 4 weeks apart. 

Nanoneedling/channeling treatments can be scheduled as frequently as 2 weeks apart. 

Other treatments can be combined with needling/channeling to achieve/treat specific skin care concerns and/or desired results. 

Chemical peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and LED therapy can be included. 

What are my options?

Signature Microneedling Treatment

This treatment is dedicated for the face to address anti-aging, brightening, and clarification. Included is LED light therapy, at home post care kit, and a 30 min express check in 2 weeks post treatment. 

The bells & whistles

Additional enhancements can be scheduled to receive a lift and glow.

Microneedling Add-ons:

Neck, decollatage, tops of hands and scalp. 

Nanoneedling/Channeling Add-ons:

Neck, decollatage, tops of hands, lips, and eyes.

Signature Nanoneedling/Channeling Treatment

This treatment is dedicated for the face to address anti-aging, brightening, and clarification. Included a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, channeling, and balancing masque. 

Skyn Gym

The body is not excluded from any of these amazing results. Cellulite can be addressed with microneedling. 

Areas that can be performed:

Breast, buttocks, stomach, legs and arms.

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